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Writer's Block: Study break
What are you studying or did you study in school? Is it related to what you want to do for your career?

I am not sure of what I want to do so what I'm studying in school is the closest which is ENGLISH LIT. I want to be a writer, but when I tell people everything thinks it's a teacher. I'm already a teacher - I teach voice. So I don't want to teach another subject. I just want to be able to work on a book or two and publish. It's been something I've practiced for a while. In other news I'd like to also study music, but I'm not sure how I will go about that since the course offered where I live only teaches how to teach music. I don't want to be a music teacher just a better singer. hmm.

Recent Ernie Haase Interview for Radio!
Hey guys, Travis Owens Bryan has been posting a link for everyone to go to this weekend to listen in for an Ernie Haase Interview that was recorded on Saturday Night 23rd of July in Greenville, Kentucky.
Ernie was gracious enough to give a quick Q & A to Travis for his live radio show.

I typed it out!


Interview with Ernie Haase

Conducted by Travis Owen Bryan and his friend Shawn

Intro: This was a full concert. What they’re doing basically, they are doing a cathedral inspired tour. Just them, no opening act, just Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. Now this isn’t a really long interview, remember these guys were going for two hours, it was hot, and the guys were worn out. Ernie jumped off stage immediately after to sign autographs and meet the fans and took time out to answer a few questions, talk to us…and even after asking him, he wanted to deliver a personal message for you the listeners. Something on his heart that he wanted to share.

Travis: Good evening folks, we’ve had a concert almost two hours’ worth of Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. Tell you what, I’m getting tongue tied! Ernie, it’s been such a great show tonight and you guys are out here in the heat and we commend you guys because you didn’t take any intermission, you just kept going. I’d say thousands are here tonight and is this your first time in Greenville, Kentucky?

Ernie: It is! We’ve been in the area, like Louisville but this is our first time in Greenville, the people of Greenville are excited about their renovation… took me and showed me around, loved seeing the restoration, history… it’s exciting to see the rebirth of this city and that just makes me so proud to be an American.

Travis: Oh yeah! You guys did patriotic…you did Oakridge Boys, Elvis, it was like concert slash service slash show!

Ernie: (laughs) I hope so…

Travis: Man alive, you guys did great and are I know from looking from your website you guys gonna be in Romania, all over the world, man and it’s gotta be exciting to be taking the message to all these countries and places!

Ernie: It is! It’s a great honor; responsibility….and like you said about the music like the way we do it with a different kind of energy and excitement the gospel transcends cultures like Romania, Finland just same way it worked here tonight….

Travis: Powerful. Yeah, my buddy Shawn here does some interviews with me on the live shows… And if you don’t mind, we’re gonna let Shawn ask a question here….what kind of question you got for Ernie tonight, buddy?

Shawn: Yes indeed! How did you get started out in music?

Ernie: I’d say singing in Church as a child. That’s how it happened for me. Professionally I got my first job through Squire Parsons, great singer, great friend and mentor to me. Been with him for 2, 3 years I’ve had a 25 year career already cuz I started young and been with the cathedrals I didn’t float around from group to group I stayed around for years so those are two groups that I probably couldn’t have learned what I did anywhere else.
Shawn: Yes indeed. We always loved them. We mourn the loss of George Younce and the Cathedrals not being around anymore.

Ernie: Yes, I know. We wanted to bring back those songs to a new generation and for people like you who remember…put a little signature sound on it too (laughs)

Travis: Absolutely and speaking of that, we love Ernie Haase and signature Sound taking the message all around the world we’ll Praying for you guys

Ernie: Thank you, Thank you

Special message from Ernie Haase:

Shout out to all the listeners and just say, you know, there’s a lot of despair and a lot of discouragement, especially on T.V. a lot of fighting our country’s so divided and …we sang tonight to…we had 4,000 people. You know God Bless America? We changed the lyrics, instead of God Bless it’s now God Heal America, land that I love…it’s gotta start with us and breaks my heart I see these veterans standing out here and so many high price that was paid for our freedom and my heart just bleeds you know… we have a spiritual problem not just economic problem or political problem…so I just ask you to change the lyric to “God HEAL America…land that I love.

This time it's permanent!
Howdy folks!

Yes, I promise I will be more regular on this site. It just was that I REALLY DID forget my password and since discovering twitter, I didn't really bother trying to get back. But Now I'm back and loving it. Well as to the subject at hand - I am no longer listening to secular music, not on purpose anyway and since being a Christian is not a religion but a Lifestyle I have changed alot of my choices for better ones. I signed on to a site called or pandora radio. It has all the music you want and then some. You will have to find out by going to this yourself. FOR NOW, I wanna talk about a new fantastic gospel group...or should I say QUARTET...that I have discovered since last year and have grown on me till now. They are EHSS - broken down - Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. Who is Ernie Haase? Ernie is a tenor singer from Indiana who once was a young singer like me who had his own role models. His musical love was derived from the Southern Gospel roots and He loved quartet music. He's been in several including singing high tenor for one of the best Quartets in the business - The Cathedrals. But if you are used to listening to Usher, Beyonce, and Eminem, you're really not gonna have a clue who I'm talking about. The Cathedrals really don't play when it comes to good singing so like any young person Ernie had to earn his way to the top. And with all his rich history in music and studio and live performance he's a really nice guy with a bubbly personality. He's in fact a christian humble guy who loves singing for God. As I do! He was a soloist for some time but went back into quartet singing with his own group namely Signature Sound. There was a secular group already called Signature Sound (they are one hit wonder) so Ernie added his name to the title seeing he's the founder anyway and now it's uniquely Ernie Haase and Signature Sound :)

I think you're pretty famous enough once you have a kids coloring book starring YOU and T-shirts and Long lines at every venue you Hit the stage. So yes, they are very well known in gospel music today. When it comes to crossing traditional/classic standards with the modern/pop music, you can count on Signature Sound to do that. They touch every genre and bring it in to their style to give it flavor and still appease the older generation. So yeah you can say they are bridging the gap! For artist these days it's hardly done that way. It's either "young people music" or "Old folks music". But EHSS is all in their own box. It's why a person like me can like them and even want to pay to see them! They are that good!

It's groups and music like this that have longevity. Especially when God is your Guide, anything's possible. I get inspiration from them as well as many other artists I like to get on stage and do my own thing. It's what they are truly about - guys living their dream and sharing that potential with others. I hope i can do the same one day.

Ernie happens to be a huge Elvis Presly fan and has a large following of both old and young since he's been with the Cathedrals. Even at one point he did look alot like Elvis in his 20s/30s. :) I love Elvis too so I can understand all that. haha. Here he is emulating "The King":

I even drew His portrait and you know now that I do commissions for pay - so you KNOW that I have to really really like you for me to do it for free! Here's the portrait. I did send it to him too! And also the other three guys I drew them too!

Those aren't all but you get the idea, lol. I did also draw Elvis for Ernie and sent that too. From his assistant, I was told that they all liked their art very much. so that made me happy. :)

What about you? Do you have an unlikely muse that you feel is permanent?

I know I'll never stop liking these guys, just as long as they never stop singing for God.

Signature Sound Quartet - Ernie Haase(Tenor) Devin McGlamery (Lead, 2nd Tenor) Doug Anderson (Baritone) Ian Owens (Bass)

A few have joined this group and left but one thing remains the same, Ernie will always be my favorite! haha

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!
So guess what folks. I know you missed me so that isn't even a question!
I've been trying for the longest while to figure out my password for this place since I forgot it. YES, FORGOT. Looks like there's been quite a bit of changes and yet AGAIN My birthdate came and went and AGAIN it sucked. I hate using that word, but it's the truth. I haven't been to many sites besides twitter, deviant art and facebook. Oh and yes, my yahoo mail. I've really shaved down my net surfing. And I still do have and expanded upon my youtube channel.

You guys can check it out:

Thank you, thank you very much.

So how was my birthday? Well, not only was my brother NOT here this time around, He went to California for a summer program, leaving me behind to spend the summer bored out of my gord and just surfing the net or either watching some show online with my mom. My cousin was here! From ENGLAND! so that's a good thing...buuut she didn't stay long enough to help celebrate my birthday. It would have been great walking the beach watching the sunset or even shopping in the mall till my debit card was overdrafted, lol. No. It was just lonely dusty ol' me sittin' in the house ONCE AGAIN....! Well never mind that. Next time. It will not happen a next time. When I turn 24(I just turned 23) I will celebrate. MARK MY WORDS! Ha, I always wanted to say that.

Well, I know I've come very far with my art, even to the point where now I do commissions! Yup, you read right. So now, you have to PAY for the privilege of me drawing your face. And why not? I did get even better. Spent a year and half drawing my fingers to the bone, why shouldn't I get paid?

Here's my latest works:

Well there's more but we don't have much space left in this entry. haha! But I will share some videos with you in the future concerning art and even my singing! Stay tuned...good to be back. :)

I'm more sure...
I am for a fact, more sure of where I want to go and what path I want to take in this life. For the life to come, not only do I want to attain it(Heaven) but I want to open others' eyes as mine have been. God is SO good, not only to me but to every man on earth. To see God's goodness you have to be still. He said in his Word: "Be still and know that I am the Lord. Be still and know that I am God. I WILL be exalted amonth the heathen. I WILL be exalted among the earth." And guess who does that exaltation? Those of us who are willing to see the truth and proclaim it to the world.

I had a recent revelation:

A revelation that not only made my eyes widen but caused me to see WHY I was going down the wrong path. I was under a spell a spell not just made for me but one out to get every young person in the world. Especially those who God made for greatness. We are all destined for greatness but Satan doesn't want that so he tries his best to put us in a trance so we can do his bidding. That's what happened to me and others I know but NO MORE. I have made up my mind to follow God no matter what. If I can help my fellow man I will, to see the light.

Here is an example of what is truly going on behind the scenes to warp our minds:

Read into it, or don't, it is all there for you to know and understand what we are up against. Satan wants us to worship him whether we are willing to or not, he makes us do it in so many ways and we are led on the wrong path away from what God truly intended for us. So wake up, be alert and make a change.

These are my confessions...
I'm gonna share from my journal:

Dear Journal,

It's been a while hasn't it. Well my birth date has passed as you can see above. It was two Sundays ago. No, it wasn't great. All I could remember was me and my brother watching a bunch of youtube videos about silly movie reviews. One for Twilight movie had me rofl, really. I was dying. I told myself the next time I get paid I'd make my own b-day party. I'd bake my own cake too. Well, what's in the news for me? My other brother has gone to the Middle East for the second time of his life. Yes he was deployed to Afghanistan. I got a new Elvis Movie and my latest muse is Usher Raymond. I liked him back in 2004, but I thought he'd fade out because well...he did or I should say he went on hiatus. Michael Jackson had taken much of the hype after. Now that MJ's gone Usher has taken the top spot and even more decided to settle down as a grown man should. But he did it with a woman waaay older than he was. I don't get his love for older women really. He needs to get a younger woman as his wife. Anw, he got married and had two adorable kids with her. Then he divorced her butt! He filed. The pressure was too much for him from the fans and media alike and had he listened to his mom he would have never gotten into that mess. But then he wouldn't have gotten kids either. Aw. Well he says he still is looking for "the one" but not rushing it. Which is good. He needs to focus on his kids and his career. I like his 2008 album better than this Raymond vs. Raymond cuz it had deeper and solid content. This 2010 CD has stuff on it, tho, that reminds fans of the younger Usher of 8701 and COnfessions days, which is also good. And his recent reveal on VH1 Behind the music only hyped things up more for him. It added a little mystery to what the biggest selling record since thriller was all about.(It's his Confessions Album if you didn't know). Interesting from beginning to end. I think I told you I drew usher. I admit I'm in love with him and all his live performances. WOWw. He's really a good showman. You should check some out. The BET awards this year didnt do any of that justice, especially when he picked that slow song which is not bad in itself(there goes my baby) but he could have done a throwback or something. Or even a better one from the CD. Ugh! But I'm going on and on about this man and you can't stop me?! lol I loved him on the show Punk'd too. Very funny. His performance in the Movie Light it up (about kids in the hood) was excellent. He's a good actor once given the right script. Well as for me I hope I get back into school full time. I kinda miss the school life where you don't have to work physically just mentally. Sigh. It's going to slow for me right now.

Till next time,
22yrold Tessa

PS - Here's an example of Usher Live Performance(He sings well live and is known for that) I think performers should always sing live, but singing and dancing at the same time is hard so I find Usher impressive:

Writer's Block: Star struck
Do you think celebrities deserve as much recognition, attention, and money as we, as a society, give them? What do you think it says about our cultural values?

As a religious person I say we idolize man instead of God and it is very wrong. On a reg human perspective, I do still think we give too much attention to where it is not due, as in their personal lives and so forth. I think we need to focus on what their job is, whether to entertain or save lives or govern and applaud them for stepping out and having enough confidence to do what they do. But not to the point where they become objects of obsession and wonder. I find that going over board. My opinion.

So not only did I decide to draw the singer, but I decided to reflect on why I actually liked him when I was younger. I remember being in highschool listening to his songs from Confessions album back in '04. Everyone was Usher crazy then and nothing else played hardly. It was like a THRILLER album for him. I liked the songs and dances, but I wasn't too into the image(sex). Of course later I appreciated him a bit more as an artist and innovator in many ways in the genre of R n B. Not many understand what Soul truly is and how it originated. People just like more pop and bubble gum music these days. I think Soul and Rhythm is where it all started really, with the likes of Luther Vandross, boy groups, such as backstreet boys, Brian McKnight and Mario just to name a few who stuck to their R n B guns. Usher is also one of the late bloomers of the early 90s to come out fully influenced by the R n B legends and even Pop Legends like Michael Jackson. Michael himself transcended all types of music. I know for a fact that Usher is trying to do the same, not giving up on the medium of touring the globe and trying to stay out of trouble, which I applaud him for. Not many do that anymore. Sometimes even though you do that, trouble can still follow, so I wish him the best in the future. I did realize Usher made his own mark on music and style and sound similar to his can be found in the younger generation of artists, especially male. Take Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Omarion as examples. As Usher matures and goes about appearing in movies and music videos and on stage he still has a long way to go, but his record sales and influence can tell just how his career has serious longevity. Many artists around his time died or faded out and he stuck with it, taking his time to come out with albums that would secure hits for each one. I just hope he isn't the last artist out there to have such good work ethic, besides Neyo. Those two can either fade out or change how the music industry is now(dying). I admire Usher, despite the hating on him for being stuck in MJ's shadows...well he isn't. I think he's on his own by now.

My Birthday Sucked
Decided to post here since no one might read anyway...

My birthday sucked, like real bad. I usually thought my 13th b-day sucked or my 18th, or 21st? But this one? Suxxxxxxxxxxx! It was like I was lying in a coffin awake waiting for someone to find me. Like I got b-day wishes, but that was about it. I could have gotten a bullet the next minute, that's how bad and bored I felt. But to look on the bright side, the next day was great! I saw my fav elementary teacher who I haven't seen...

Writer's Block: No place like home
What are five things you love about where you live and five things that you hate? How does it compare to previous places you've lived?

I love that where I live is sunny all year round, meaning no snow.
I love that where I live is easy to get around because it's only 32sq mi.
I love that I know a lot of people where I live and my neighbors are friendly.
I love that I graduated right where I live....the school is only a mile walk from my house.
I love that I live in the Caribbean!(beaches!)

I hate that I can't get off the island sometimes to travel, because it's expensive.
I hate that mail travels longer between the states and where I live
I hate that the mall isn't as big as the ones in the states
I hate that the movies doesn't open all day, only evenings after work hours
I hate that a lot of violence is in my island now...

In previous places I lived there was less violence and very peaceful, or if it was in NY where I lived before, It has a lot of things to do outside of the house.


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