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It's a Brand New Day
It's a brand new day and the sun is shining bright
It's a brand new day and I want my stomach tight
It's a brand new day I want to eat all I can
It's a brand new day Maybe I should get a man
It's a brand new day for the life I want to live
It's a brand new day time to dream wide, dream Big!
It's a brand new day for my future for my whims
It's a brand new day to Live LIve LIVE!

Yeah I just made that poem up right there. I like to rhyme, it's always been a part of me since I was little to write poems and stories. So that was my first dream. But I didn't meet many writers or hear much about them expect if they were already dead so I didn't pursue it right away. I chose to be a doctor cuz I wanted to deliver babies, but now...NOT ANYMORE! No way! I'm more of an artistic person, someone who likes to be free and in control of her own plans and work. So yeah, I'd like to call the shots, be my own boss. I would love it so much. Just to be free. Being self employed isnt the easiest especially if you don't know how to run a business at first, but I'm trying. It's slow but I'm sure with God's help I can be a success in my own way.

Last night I had such a bad...uh...stomach the point of nausea and cramps. Yeah that time of the month. But it never was so bad lasting for two hours in the night..I was so sleepy yet I couldnt sleep cuz of the stiffening pain! But being from the caribbean you know there's always natural remedies planted around to cure just about anything! haha. So I went outside for some leaves, heated water and poured the hot water on it. Got me a mug some sugar and drank that mixture all down. It took about 15 minutes or more to start working but soon I was asleep! And I dreamed about Obama trying to renovate a school and personally asking me and other students what would make us like it better according to a chart - so you KNOW I had a good sleep! lol

I'm gonna make some breakfast now..kinda late, but I gotta eat something. This summer has been great for me cuz my brother and now my mother are off the island and only me and my dad here!

Well till next time CIAO!

Oh and I got the tickets to the Ernie Haase and Signature Sound concert yay!

Gonna tell you all about it. Maybe even post a video!


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