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Hi Hey Hello...
So I'm into the habit now of creating Video Blogs that I forget all about you! I hope I don't make forgetting a habit too! lol

Right now I have this weird headache like pressure surrounding my head. I don't know if it's because I stare at my computer too long or because I'm up too late. I'm not one to have head aches at all. So any little one I get is really weird. Every pain I get I think it's gas pain. But Gas can't get up in your head can it? I didn't think so. Watched a late night show with my Mom last night and a man was being interviewed about his bleeding in the brain ordeal. So Maybe that just made me stress out and Now I have this head ache! He said its a phenomena that can happen at any moment. There is no cause for it. It can just happen. I DO think there's a cause...and it is stress related and it is working at odd hours related and all the bad things you can do to your body related! So I'm gonna try to sleep earlier whenever I can! Means I should hit the sack right now huh? Well, I did just want to say Hi.

And I'll leave my latest VLOG with you:


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