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The Real Me...

...is not what you see on the outside...

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Time to Journey On...
So I've been sick for about a week with the flu. The true medical term for it is influenza although I will stick with Flu...because that's what it did - FLEW right into my body. Worse thing about it, the girl's curse came along with it! And you men need to understand...that no only doubly weakens you, it leaves you with NO energy. And you better hope You don't get stomach cramps all the while you have a fever, coughing, sinus problems, head aches and body aches. So...yeah. Be glad you are a MAN, men!

So with all this going on, I've been doing a lot of thinking of where my life is headed in a personal way and a generic way. Generic? What do I mean by that? Well, just look at the news on your television, listen to your radio, even step outside! Trouble surrounds us - totally. These days you can CLEARLY see that the world is going under no matter how many politicians promise better days or how many preachers give a good sermon. Your heart breaks just by looking at these funerals, videos and pictures of death, violence and abuse. Sometimes I shake my head and empathize with even those who take the easy way out(suicides)of life, even though I myself love life and never would consider it - no one wants to stay here any longer, not in a place like this.

As for my personal life, well I've thought seriously about where I'd like to take my art... and for now it probably might become a slow and growing business of working on Portrait Commissions. You've seen samples of my art and you know, most of my work has been gifts and made for display, but now I want to make me some money! Why not? It's for a good cause! I do plan to return to school next year, God's willing and finish what I started. People around me know that I can sing as well. I've been singing my whole life, but I never wanted to be a "SINGER/STAR" in that junction. But I have definitely made it an option. My MAIN dream has always been to express myself to the world. The ones closest to me know that I have a lot to say and that I say it best on paper. I am a writer in my soul. I write poems, stories...I've kept journals since the 6th grade.(I even still have that one!) It's just been natural for me to ace English class or writing an essay with no problems. In fact, in school it's always been my favorite subject! I just feel that when it comes to picking or choosing my life's career, I have ADD. I just switch from one to the other all the time and I can't ever stick to just one! So far, God hasn't steered me away from any of them, so maybe I have to find a way to fuse them all. I just haven't gotten to that point yet. For now, I have plenty of room in my heart for all three.

I've been so blessed all of my life, Blessed by the Creator, God. If you don't believe in Him, that's fine. Just know that I do and I will Bless His name as long as I live. My dream is just to make it from this life to the next - to heaven and to the forever that God has promised His children.

If this is how I type when I'm sick then I need to be sick more often right? Naaaah!

But it was great catching up!

In this month of September, both my brothers will be making birthdays! One is in the army and one has gotten an early pass to college! I am def proud of both of them, both younger than me in fact. God Bless them.