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The Real Me...

...is not what you see on the outside...

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Do I really live in Paradise?
So it's ...Still September last I checked! Haha! I hope you all enjoyed Labor day which was actually a day off FROM Labor. How ironic. If you do not wish to read my Blogs you can just watch my VLOGS here on www.youtube.com/rickigr40

As for the readers, this is for you:

I'm saving ferociously to leave my current residence U.S. Virgin Islands! Not permanently no. I mean who doesn't want to be able to say they live in paradise? But that's what everyone in the states thinks, that where I live is exactly that - Paradise. We let them believe it based on the pictures, video clips and even music and culture we portray. But If you ask me, "paradise" is just as any other place in the world. In fact, we have the highest percentile of crime going on as New York is the second highest. Why? Because we are a small place and it is easier for the crime lords to keep gangs together and keep track of who is who. It is also easy to kidnap and kill and rape people(even tourists). Not to scare you off, but this is the world we live in. So your own house can be robbed. No where is safe unless you ask God for protection every day. When it comes to fruitfulness and lots of Greenery, clear, blue waters and white sand, you can count on that as you "paradise" but living here is another matter. We do have our own Governor and yes our government too is corrupt. We act a lot slower than people in the states. Where as Statesiders are bent for time and are rushing to and fro, we don't do that as much. Again because of our small population and suburban country. Yes we also have been affected by things that happen in the U.S. seeing where I live (United States Virgin Islands) is their territory. Yet we are not acknowledged for our soldiers, our contributions to art or culture in the U.S. We are grouped with other Caribbean folk and sometimes even just unfortunately categorized as Jamaicans! I've never been there and don't plan to visit either, but I am no Jamaican. They are a British Island have very different culture to every other island out there. (Most Caribbean islands have their own culture and ways.) But based on our broken English and Creole, many mistake us for them and categorize ALL Caribbean people as Jamaicans which is sad. People need to become more educated of the things in our little world. I believe when people are more informed they are less prejudiced and segregated. People fear what they do not know and that is the truth.

I'm happy I grew up here though. It is like I said a lot more carefree, more people know each other or get a long easier because we islanders stick together. We know how to help. St. Thomas in particular is hardly full of people from St. Thomas...it mostly has people from other Caribbean islands or even the States. Like me, I was born in the states, but grew up here and so has many others. Those who were born in St. Thomas, grow up here, but hardly stay for the next generation of St. Tomians. They go off to the states, still representing their birth country. It is normal for us Caribbean folk to integrate, but everyone knows by way of talk and culture where each man or woman is from. So a little reality there for you. If you plan to live here, expect the normal human behavior, despite what pictures and television tells you. There's nothing new under the sun.