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Hey Guys, I know it's been a while since I posted anything here. So I decided to come back and give y'all an update in writing of my recent actions.

It's the New Year 2012 after all. AHHHHHHHHHHH! I know right? lol
Well, for starters I hope you all have a HAPPY and Healthy new year. I plan to get back healthy. For me being an overnight worker for the past almost 4 years, my health has been compromised quite a bit - well ALOT. I have contracted things only old people get, I have gotten the FLU..which I never used to get before, I only suffered from allergies. All these things all because of not sleeping AT NIGHT when I should. Instead I work. But don't I sleep in the day, you ask? Well of course, but the light and time is just not right for one's body to get that adequate R-E-M sleep. You know, the deep one! I do dream and such but I awake too early, like high afternoon just because the sun is extra bright and filters into my room. (well get better curtains!) I know I know, but this is not even just the light problem! It is the time as well. Before I go to work I usually take a 2 or 1 hour nap. This is SUPPOSED to suffice for sleep I will miss for 8-10 hours. Not good. So my body for this new year couldn't take it anymore, especially my brain. It decided to give me ONE HUGE headache. My first migraine. I've heard of them, experienced sinus headaches, and tension headaches, but this HAD to be a migraine, since some time before it, my vision was distorted which is a called an aura and then my whole right side of my face hurts, especially my eye. As if someone had hit me with a metal bat full force and I just didnt remember. Yeah, I was suppose to be singing this same night and I couldn't...I was so nauseated as well. All I did was lie down and had ice on my head...but cold things just seem to make things worse for me. I just lay there till it got super dark and my body would want to fall asleep. Now I wonder if I'll be alright to go to work tonight again. If anything makes me want to get a day job, it's this! What a head ache!
So for the new year, if you decide to do anything it should be take better care of yourself and GET SLEEP! It's more important than you think!

I hope I can write you again soon. I do continue to make VLOGS on youtube so check me out here:

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BE HAPPY in the LAST YEAR on the Mayan calendar!

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